About Me

I've been interested in creating art from a very early age. I started painting trees and streams with Bob Ross around age seven, and won two awards for my art before I finished elementary school. When I was ten years old I remember being at a friends house who's mother was a painter. I'll never forget the first time I saw her mother's in-home art studio. It truly imprinted on my mind. I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up....an artist! 

Drawing and painting however didn't come as naturally to me as I had longed for them to. In middle school I started to realize that I felt inspired by photographs in magazines. By high school I knew I wanted to pursue photography as a hobby. I received my first film camera with two lenses as a Christmas present from my grandparents. In high school I took a photography class where I fell in love with film photography. I learned to develop my own film in the dark room and print my own photographs. After high school I continued shooting film for a while, but life took some unexpected twists and I put down the camera for a time. 

I found my way back to photography in 2008, and this time around it was digital. By 2010 I was ready to graduate to my first DSLR camera. I've been shooting and continuing to develop as a photographer ever since. I started my own photography business 2015. I guess you can say I'm finally living the dream I had for myself all those years ago!

My husband retired from the US Army after 20 years. My business has moved across state lines a few times, and changed names along the way, but I'm happy to announce that in December of 2022 we made the Branson Missouri area our permanent home! My husband, Chris, is now my second shooter on many wedding days. We love working together and feel honored to play such an important role in the lives of so many newlyweds!

I can't wait to meet you! -Amy