Why Hiring Ozark Mountain Photography, as your professional wedding photographer, is the right choice!

   Brides, I'm a professional wedding photographer, and I totally understand you! Ten to fifteen years go when asked what items they would grab first in the event of a fire, many people would choose to save printed photos. That is just not the case anymore. Once upon a time we kept cherished printed photos of loved ones in shoeboxes and albums tucked away. Now everything is digital and saved via the cloud. Even our decades old photo of Grandma in her wedding dress has since been scanned and saved, along with thousands upon thousands of other digital photos. If physical prints and albums don't hold as much value as they once did, do you still need to hire a professional wedding photographer? The new iPhone takes fantastic photos, and the price of DSLR cameras have dropped, allowing many new aspiring photographers, who are not yet professionals, to enter the "wedding world" with bargain pricing.

  Back when our grandparents (and for some of us our parents) got married, the only choice was to hire a professional photographer to capture the day. Otherwise there would be no (photographic) evidence that the wedding even took place. That's not the case for those tying the knot in the 20's! You've got choices, and I am here to help you make the decision that is right for you! Although I'm a professional wedding photographer serving the Branson, Missouri area (and I would LOVE to capture your wedding day for you), I also understand that times have changed and there are a lot of options! I'll go over some popular options that you may be considering, and I'll let you know what I think! 

   Lets talk about smartphones! The new iPhone and Android phones take great photos. Why not have family/friends take photos on their phones and send you all the pictures? This might seem to be a good option for a few of reasons. It eliminates the need to budget for an expensive professional, most newer phones are capable of producing a quality picture, all kinds of editing apps are available, and digital photos are usually what really matter the most to us. As good as iPhone pictures are (and they are very good) I still recommend choosing a professional photographer for your wedding.

Here's why: 

Reason #1- The shot list: As a professional Branson, M.O. wedding photographer I'm going to collaborate with you ahead of your wedding and we're going to plan every shot you're going to want to have taken at your wedding. So, you could find generic wedding shot lists online. You could assign certain shots to each of your bridesmaids. This might seem like a viable option, but there is still too much room for heartache and major regret. Remember, after your big day is over it can not be redone. If nobody remembers to grab that photo of dad's face when he sees you in your dress, you will never have it. This goes for photos of your parents, grandparents, special moments, or anything else that may be important to you. Being a professional wedding photographer in Branson, M.O. goes beyond just snapshots. We are also about making sure you have everything photographed exactly the way you dreamt it would be captured. While your wedding guests are caught-up having fun, it's later on in the evening and phone batteries start to die off, someone may forget (or not be able to take) that photo you had your heart set on. That moment will disappear and you will not have it captured. I collaborate with every one of my brides to assemble a custom shot-list. It is literally my job and honor to be behind you every step of the way, and to ensure every special moment is accounted for! Let your friends and family have fun, live in the moment, without worrying about a thing. Let me worry about capturing it all on camera! It is my dedicated role during your entire wedding day. When I am photographing your wedding I am truly a working professional. I am not focusing on anything other than capturing your wedding day! I am in the right place at the right time with my camera in hand, all day long. You will have so many things to manage on your wedding day, but photography will not be one of them. I am there so you can relax (as you should) knowing every picture on your custom shot list is taken care of! 

Reason #2 Professional quality: Like I have said, the photo quality on our smartphones has come a long way. You can also almost always find an amateur photographer with semi pro gear, who is willing to give you the deal of a lifetime! But, it is still not a match for pro camera gear used by professionals with many years of experience. A major difference in quality comes with lighting and light modifiers. I use several off camera lights and light modifiers when I photograph a wedding. Lighting is something that requires a set of specialized equipment along with education on the part of the photographer. Many professional photographers who advertise themselves as "natural light photographers" are those who have not learned the art of OCF (off camera lighting), or have not invested in the equipment. The use of pro lighting equipment at your big day will make a huge difference in the quality of your portraits. Smartphones have much better low-light capabilities now, but that is still nowhere near a match for pro lighting! Don't be left with regrets when your precious memories are not captured in the manner you have always dreamt that they would be!

Reason #3 Organization: Let's say you have decided to have family/friends capture your day via smartphones, or you go with the "budget friendly" beginner photographer. The phone pictures start coming in through texts/airdrops. As you start saving them to your phone's camera roll you will see some that you like, some that are just alright, and many many others. Be honest- will you ever actually organize them, move them over to a storage device, or ensure they are saved to the cloud (just in case your phone falls into Table Rock Lake)? Will you ever do anything with them other than post your favorites? What will happen months/years from now when your wedding memories are all but gone due to a lost, broken, or upgraded phone? An amateur photographer will likely only deliver your photographs to you via one medium, likely email. Anything can happen! With a professional Branson, M.O. wedding photographer it's different. With my services you will receive a gallery that is downloadable, a USB drive, physical products, and many options for additional print and photo products. I understand the needs and wants of the modern bride. I offer many print choices and products, and include a wonderful printed album with the top wedding package I offer at Ozark Mountain Photography. The albums we create are breathtaking and the quality they are created with will last over 100 years! With the other packages, there are still great options here for you! If nothing else, the portraits I capture will be delivered to you in two ways giving you options for saving and storing, they will be high resolution, and delivered to you fully retouched with professional editing software. Your day will be captured they way you saw it happen. Your gallery will be a true representation of your wedding day! If you are ready to book your wedding photography through Ozark Mountain Photography, just head over to the contact form and I will be in touch soon!

I can't wait to meet you! -Amy